Tallinn is a city of contrasts as a dear friend from abroad once very fittingly put it. New stands tall next to old every step of the way, though sadly not always in the most tasteful fashion. Nevertheless, there aren’t many places on planet Earth where Soviet chic meets well-preserved medieval cityscape. The cobblestone streets of Tallinn’s old town take you back centuries, it’s like time travelling to your favourite fairytale.

Only 80km from Helsinki and easily accessible by ferry, Jerome and I go to Tallinn every now and again for a day out. The restaurant scene has flourished in the last decade, so much so that truthfully I find it more exciting than that of the Northern neighbours’.

Last time we’ve been there a couple of weeks ago, Jerome had a lightbulb moment that we should challenge ourselves to see the city with new eyes, behave as if it’s our first ever visit. So we did! It was very refreshing indeed, and after what seemed like an eternity, I felt inspired enough to scoop the camera out from the bottom of my bag. Also, I have recently been introduced to Lightroom with its endless opportunities, features and depths. I’m hooked – best €12 a month I have ever spent! Captured below is our stroll through the old town culminating where else than in a cocktail bar for a julep treat.


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