My name is Eva.

I take photos (lots and lots of photos), drink tea (lots of tea), develop recipes and wander.
I also collect cookbooks, arrange flowers and mix a mean GT.

Fleur Rustique is a melting pot for all of the above mentioned enthusiasms.

What started out as a creative personal project in the autumn of 2017 to balance the mundane everyday of a hospitality manager, might just grow into an entrepreneurial (ad)venture today. Or tomorrow. Let’s see how things go!

The keywords here are ‘creative’ and ‘balance’. Turns out the aspect I enjoy most
when it comes to producing content is the visual side. That is set styling, photographing said sets and editing the results. And through this process of creation, I am attempting to
build a life of meaning and – you guessed it – balance.

Life – now there’s a conundrum. From what I’ve witnessed during my nearly 30 years on planet Earth, life is messy. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As someone who’s
battled perfectionism for the better part of adulthood, I have come to an understanding
that perhaps we humans ought to try embrace the messiness rather than chase the
illusion of perfection.

Through the lens of my camera, I seek the extraordinary in ordinary things and capture
beauty in simplicity. Mostly in natural light.

Life is a fleur!