Hello you!

My name is Eva.

The seed for this journal of self exploration was planted many moons ago on a trip to the United States. I mean, surely the yearning to write and express the ever evolving complexity of how my brain is wired was there long before, but it was one particular unbearably sunny afternoon across the ocean strolling the streets of Boston when it all started to take shape in my head. The fonts, colours, layout and even the name for the page were decided then and there. What I didn’t know yet was what I wanted to write about. That very same trip was only the first leg of an inner journey during which many more realisations and discoveries about life, its purpose (if there indeed is one) and conundrums have been revealed.

Three short years later and here I am sitting on a sofa in Helsinki seeking balance, attempting to create a life of meaning, making decision after decision in pursuit of emotional fulfillment and NOT searching for happiness – if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the 28 years I’ve spent on planet Earth, it’s that happiness is not something that can be found.

On a lighter note, whilst I’d like to make balance the focus of this space, it’s also about tea, flowers, cake (and other baked goods), travels, paper, wellbeing, crafts and visual reference to inspire people with similar values. What it’s not about is striving for perfection. Because life is NOT perfect, but it’s still pretty darn sweet!