A Monthly Dose of G&T – Almond & Cherry (Blossom)


The cherry blossoms came and went. I was sick. But here’s a recipe for a slightly perfume flavoured nevertheless taste bud pleasing gin and tonic I managed to stir up in between the coughing fits of May. Admittedly on the feminine side of drinks.

Ingredients per one glass:

4 cl gin of your choice
2 cl Disaronno
Thomas Henry cherry blossom tonic water
1 tsp cherry oil infused black (Ceylon) tea
40 ml hot water
cherries to garnish
ice cubes

The how to:

  • Put the black tea in a disposable filter bag and leave it in 40 ml of just boiled water for about 30 minutes (or more if you desire more depth in flavour).
  • Once the infusion is ready and cooled down, fill a high ball glass half way with ice cubes and pour in the tea squeezing out the liquid from the filter bag also.
  • Measure out 4 cl of gin and 2 cl of Disaronno and add them to the glass. Give it a good stir.
  • Top up the glass with cherry blossom tonic water, dip in a pair of cherries for garnish and expand the horizons of your palate!

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