Setting the Mood for Creativity


Creativity is for the brave. Or so I hear. Being able to overcome/suppress/accept the fear of being judged, hanging your creations out there for the world to see takes guts. Who of us is immune to rejection, criticism or judgement?!? But – how can one really evaluate someone else’s fruits of creativity? It’s a rather private matter, an interpretation or expression of a vision formed inside us.

Maya Angelou said that one cannot use up creativity; the more one uses, the more one has. I can certainly relate to that. The more I create, the more inspired I feel, the more I feel the need to create. I am not satisfied with all the results, but for the purpose of capturing growth and progress, I deem it of utmost importance to find the courage to also publish the post that could have been so much better. So there’s that. On the role creativity plays in life balance later this month.

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