On the Importance of Being Flexible


Tending to an emotionally difficult family emergency last week has left me creatively dry. Everything is stable for the time being, however, in the long term there is not much hope. By no means do I want to sound overly dramatic, but I see no point in sugar-coating the reality. Meanwhile I’ve gained a ton of admiration for people who can transfer heartache into fruitious creative energy. Somehow I cannot seem to concentrate on anything properly when emotional stress takes over. SO, the lesson learned from recent experiences is the importance of being flexible when it comes to unexpected changes in the everyday. Despite one’s best intentions and carefully drafted plans, things don’t always work out as hoped. Certainly not brand spanking new information, but allowing wiggle room for plans B, C and D is an absolute necessity, and also a lot more of a challenge than assumed for a control freak like myself.

Clearly every project I embark on is started with a mindset that the end result will be a success. But like you, I am also only human. Some days success just isn’t on the cards. Take my macadamia nut custard pie fiasco over the Easter weekend. Eagerly prepping for the treat to get ready for the oven – greasing the tin, beating eggs with sugar, scraping vanilla beans, rolling out the dough and toasting nuts only to find them all burnt seven minutes later. Unable to leave the stove side as I was stirring the bubbling custard, I needed to accept the circumstances and adapt, NOT throw a tantrum in front of my husband like a precious little girl. This here is an extremely trivial example of a completely unimportant daily event, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Having given this some more thought, I’ve come to a conclusion that unwillingness to be flexible in your plans starts with fear. But what do I fear? What do you fear?

Quite another topic (another lesson to be learned another day) is willingly showing the world your fear(s).

At the beginning of the week I was thinking that I should try to catch up with my posts (two a week was the initial goal before launching Fleur Rustique) and aim to finish four by Sunday evening. But then I changed my mind. I realised that if I pursued this plan, not only would my heart not be in it but also I would not be enjoying the process of writing under pressure. So then, let this week of no posts remain as a reminder for me that a certain degree of flexibility is required in life. Go with the flow!

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