Life Is a Balancing Act


About a month overdue, I’ve finally reached the ultimate raison d’être that prompted me to make Fleur Rustique happen. That’s right, this here is my route to a life in balance.

What does balance really mean anyway? How is it achieved or created? How can one find or seek balance? Can it be achieved/created/found/sought?

These are the questions that have taken centre stage in my overactive brain ever since last summer. Not a day goes by without me analysing whether balance is on the horizon indeed or is it all a big scam. Believe you me, there are plenty of non-believers and deniers out there wholeheartedly claiming that leading a balanced lifestyle is an illusion and yet another marketing hoax to make us, mere mortals, consume more supposedly balancing herbal teas and food supplements, or sign up for yet another meditation course (even though the last four you’ve attended have had no effect whatsoever on your quest for better life balance). And this may well be true, but no great discoveries have been made with a mindset that this will lead to nothing. A forever optimist, I am not planning to give up on this expedition into the wild unknown land of balance.

The über smart Cambridge Dictionary defines balance as a state where things are of equal weight or force. By this definition, we are told that balance is of physical nature, and while no one argues that physical balance is of utmost importance in everyday life, it is vital to acknowledge that the balance within is just as important.

Being able to stand on one’s two feet – that’s called balance. If you’re able to stand on one foot, congratulations! Stand on your arms or head, and I consider you a superhuman.

Let’s look at it from an angle of imbalance. How do imbalances manifest themselves? More often than not, we realise that something’s out of whack only when the system breaks down, we become mentally or physically ill. It is my belief that all illness starts from imbalance, and this applies to both mental and physical health.

So how do we get there? Where do we begin establishing a life of balance? Start where you are, they say. That’s stating the obvious – where else could one possibly start from?!? The first, and perhaps most crucial, lesson I have learned so far is that you’ve got to start with learning to manage stress levels. Not as easy as it sounds! One step at a time, begin with identifying the major stressors in your life. Be it a relationship that no longer brings joy or work that has left you feeling empty and without meaning. Are you being too hard on yourself setting unachievable goals and then beating yourself up for not reaching them? Are you trying to please everyone else and thus forgetting to prioritise your own wellbeing? Be very honest with yourself, tap into your creative resources and step by step come up with ways to eliminate or neutralise unnecessary stress inducers.

One thing’s for sure – you will not become 100% stress free overnight, so be patient and kind to yourself. Some things in life are beyond your control, it’s important to accept this and find a way to deal.

There are of course many more aspects to life balance than work, socialising, body and mind. Far from having all the answers on the subject, I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey. Over the course of coming months, I will do my very best to dissect each of these numerous aspects and ask for advice from folk who seem to have balance figured out for themselves.

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