Rustic Flower Talk


Fleur Rusti.. what? What’s in a name? Having been following many a blog over the years, I have found myself pondering on how the authors have come up with the titles for their weblogs on more than one occasion. While some are relatively obvious (Adventures in Cooking), others pose a real puzzle (Local Milk)! Is it a product of months and months of brainstorming or cooked up on the spot? Are they born at random looking out the bus window observing the world go by or musing behind ones desk surrounded by familiar objects? Curious!

Fleur Rustique was christened the same day in early September 2014 as the outlines for the whole site took shape. It’s really a rather simple straightforward story. I was passing by a wonderfully, well, rustic looking flower shop in Boston and had a lightbulb moment. This was it. FLEUR! RUSTIQUE! As if I had known it the whole time. It was only later that I began to define the two words and apply meaning to what they meant next to one another.

Fleur, flower in French, has a glorious ring to it. It’s feminine yet possesses such strength. Flowers have held a place of great importance in my life for as long as I can remember. The word flower in my mother tongue was possibly one of the very first in my whole vocabulary. And it’s not just the stage of bloom, the very essence of natural beauty, that stuns me – it’s every stage of growth from seedling to decay. It certainly is a matter of personal taste, but somehow I find a withering blossom visually most pleasing.

Recently a dear friend asked me who am I writing for? Who is my target audience? Why am I writing at all? I guess one could say this space is intended for everyone, however, I have a slight suspicion women will find it more appealing. I don’t believe in borders, so therefore I’d like to reach women on a global scale. Whilst I may not be aware of the daily agendas and challenges of women 1000km south or 4000km east, I am eager to learn about them. There is such comfort to be found in sharing, and at the end of the day all of us experience the same emotions and similar thought processes surrounding our sorrows and joys. Sharing without the fear of being subject to judgement, now there’s a challenge for you. Show the world your weaknesses and wounds, I dare you! I dare myself. For a couple of hours after publishing my first post, I was pretty shaken up. What if someone is going to actually read it? What if someone doesn’t like what I’m saying? What if someone does? What if someone thinks the photos I take are not good enough?

So then, who am I writing for? First and foremost I am writing for myself. Fleur Rustique is in many ways a tool of survival, and so far it serves its purpose. It provides me with creative freedom, it’s an outlet for my innermost desire to create. This here is not some big business scheme that I’m pursuing to make a ton of money. Quite the opposite!
My initial thought was that if ONE person takes interest in what I have to say, I’ve succeeded in what I set out to do. The secondary goal would be to start a dialogue with that reader. Connect to their ideas, thoughts and ambitions in life.

Perhaps I identify myself with this rustic flower, going through a crash course in modernity (I’m not exactly a techie, you see). Perhaps we’re all rustic flowers?!? We bloom and we fade and we bloom again when the time comes.

Why are you reading this?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kersti says:

    I just love you pictures and words of wisdom!


  2. Harbans says:

    Wonderful thoughts.


      1. Harbans says:

        My pleasure. :))


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