Setting the Mood for Tranquility


For some unexplained reason I have always been under the impression that putting together mood boards on a computer is a piece of cake. That turns out not to be the case! Perhaps it’s my lack of knowledge on how to do this the right way. Anyhow, it took me about a day and half, but it got done.

Tranquility is something I strive for every single day. Feeling at peace with myself and the world around me can be challenging at times. Going for a walk in nature (or even just looking at a picture of greenery) usually helps put things into perspective and single out the truly important aspects of everyday life that are worth giving an effort to.
A glass of wine also doesn’t hurt!

It crossed my mind that it would be appropriate to write a poem to accompany this post, however, rhyming isn’t exactly my thing. Photography on the other hand is certainly my kind of poetry. Being able to see is one of the greatest gifts, and being able to see through someone else’s eyes in the photographs taken by them – that’s magic!

The years of travelling alongside my now husband have provided me with a humongous honour and privilege to see the world through his eyes. We’ve taken many a photos of the same statue or building or flower, mountain, forest, beach – and yet all of them from a completely different viewpoint.

So this is another post I want to commit to on a monthly basis. It’s been such fun to sort through the years of archives seeking for the images of tranquility. What shall it be next month?!?

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