Salut, Women!


Here’s to women! To women whether by birth certificate or by decision. To all women regardless of their shape, size, height and weight, belief system, age, social status, country of origin, relationships, ethnicity, sexual orientation, career path or lack of it, education, health or illness, wealth, hobbies and interests, lifestyle choices etc., in heels or barefoot. Here’s to mothers and daughters, sisters and grandmothers, aunts, cousins, nieces, girlfriends, female colleagues and that kind elderly lady living next door (unless she’s not so kind!).

I firmly believe that every woman deserves this one day off annually. And I’m not talking about work here. I’m talking about expectations, about the ever rising bars and standards women are supposed to meet. It’s tough enough to keep up with the external pressures and demands not to mention the near impossible to reach goals we, women, set for ourselves. These meager 15-17 awake hours on March 8th, women should not have to apologise for who they are or what they do. And who we are is not what we do (unless you want to identify yourself through your actions of course). We should not need feel shame for our appearance nor our bodies. We should not have to worry about whether our voices, ideas and thoughts are heard, accepted and respected.

When will you get engaged/plan a wedding/have children/lose weight/get a promotion/buy a house? How often do you hear these questions?

Women wake up as women every single morning. It’s not until we “put our face on” or pull a brush through our hair that we magically transform. Shaving one’s legs and armpits does not make a woman.

Thank you Emmeline, Simone, Betty, Coretta, Maya, Audre, Germaine, Carol, Gloria, Alice and to all the women before who paved the road for women’s rights movement and to the ones after who will continue to fight for gender equality and freedom to be a woman.

This is about the 20th time I’m editing what I want to say, possibly because there is just so much to be said on the subject. I’m coming to a realisation that perhaps it’s best to leave it at that for the time being and revisit the rest of it in another post, or multiple of them.

Today, let’s celebrate the very essence of womanhood, forget the struggles and challenges the modern world throws at us for just this one day.

Here’s to women, and to men who see and appreciate us for who we are not for who we should be!

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  1. Kersti says:

    Cheers to that!


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